GANMI×Takarazuka Revue OG DANCE LIVE “2STEP”

GANMI×Takarazuka Revue OG DANCE LIVE “2STEP”

May 26, 2023 (Fri.) - June 4, 2023 (Sun.)

Dance artist GANMI is a group of dance artists who continue to make remarkable achievements, such as choreographing and participating in the production of BTS's "Butter" and choreographing and performing in SixTONES's "Good Luck! ". Performing with GANMI are seven Takarazuka Revue OGs, all of whom have both flair and ability. In addition, former top star of the Star Troupe Kozuki Wataru will appear as a special cast member and take on the challenge of choreographing for the first time.
The chemistry between these performers, with their different tastes and worldviews, will create a new stage that no one has ever seen before!

Choreography GANMI
Composition/Direction Sota [GANMI]

* After Talk Show
May 26 (Fri.) 15:00 Sota/kooouya/Kazashi/Dyson/Ryoga/Hayate Uzuki/Kakeru Fūma/Say Hayami
May 28 (Sun.) 12:00 SUN-CHANG/Mr.D/shun/Yuuki/O.S.M/AOI/Sena Yabuki/Aya Oka/Hiryu Tsukasa/Kio Kanade

* Special Curtain Call
May 28 (Sun.) 16:00

* After Talk Show
June 2 (Fri.) 14:00 Sota/kooouya/Kazashi/Dyson/Ryoga/Sena Yabuki/Aya Oka/Hiryu Tsukasa/Kio Kanade
June 4 (Sun.) 12:00 SUN-CHANG/Mr.D/shun/Yuuki/O.S.M/AOI/Hayate Uzuki/Kakeru Fūma/Say Hayami

* Special Curtain Call
June 4 (Sun.) 16:00

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