[Streaming+] Angelique Luminarise 2nd Floating Stage

[Streaming+] Angelique Luminarise 2nd Floating Stage

October 8, 2022 (Sat.) - October 16, 2022 (Sun.)

Shimba Tsuchiya (as The Guardian of Light "Yue")
Hiroki Nanami (as The Guardian of Darkness "Noah")
Yuu Miyazaki (as The Guardian of Air "Vergil")
Takeo Otsuka (as The Guardian of Water "Kanata")
Takuya Sato (as The Guardian of Fire "Shuri")
Shohei Komatsu (as The Guardian of Nature "Milan")
Nobunaga Shimazaki (as The Guardian of Steel "Xeno")
Yuto Uemura (as The Guardian of Dreams "Felix")
Ryota Takeuchi (as The Guardian of Earth "Lorenzo")
Fumiya Imai (as Chief Researcher "Taira")

Voice Cast
Yuki Ono (as your somewhat strange Attendant "Cyrus")

※Performers are subject to change without notice.

"Angelique Luminarise" second event is somewhat mysterious!? Something will happen in "2nd Floating Stage"!

[Special message "epilogue ~Yue&Cyrus~"]
Those who watch the streaming can enjoy a special message after the event.
Please watch it continuously after the end of the event.
・Day:at the royal institution
・Night:at the party venue

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