[Streaming+] Love Live!Sunshine!! Aqours EXTRA LoveLive! ~DREAMY CONCERT 2021~

December 29, 2021 (Wed.) - January 5, 2022 (Wed.)

Anju Inami(as Chika Takami),Rikako Aida(as Riko Sakurauchi),Nanaka Suwa(as Kanan Matsuura)
Arisa Komiya(as Dia Kurosawa),Shuka Saito(as Yoh Watanabe),Aika Kobayashi(as Yoshiko Tsushima)
Kanako Takatsuki(as Hanamaru Kunikida),Aina Suzuki(as Mari Ohara),Ai Furihata(as Ruby Kurosawa)

※As to Kanako Takatsuki (as Hanamaru Kunikida), we will continue to carefully consider her performance, giving top priority to her physical condition.
→[Updated on December 26, 2021]
※Kanako Takatsuki(as Hanamaru Kunikida) will appear in this event as planned.

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