[Streaming+] Augusta Camp 2021

[Streaming+] Augusta Camp 2021

September 25, 2021 (Sat.) - October 3, 2021 (Sun.)

Now in its 23rd year, this is a concert by Office Augusta, the music agency to which Yamazaki Masayoshi, SUKIMA SWITCH, Hata Motohiro, Takehara Pistol belong.
You can only see special performance at this concert like that collaboration with each artist and special organized band.
In this year, it will be held as a live streamed without audience from an indoor venue. And it will be a live stream worldwide for the first time.
Performers are Kyoko, Yamazaki Masayoshi, COIL, Araki Yuko, Hajime Chitose, SUKIMA SWITCH, Nagasawa Tomoyuki, Hata Motohiro, Yu Sakai, Hamabata Yohei, Takehara Pistol, Matsumuro Seiya.

She made her debut with “KURAYAMI DE DANCE (Dance in the dark)” as BARBEE BOYS on 1984. The 3rd album ”3rd.BREAK” which was released on 1986, become a smash hit and they made an epoch in JROCK, but they end activities of BARBEE BOYS at a concert of SHIBUYA KOKAIDO on January 24th, 1992 once and for all. She released “DISTANCIA - KONO MUNE NO YAKUSOKU – (The promise inside my heart )” on August 1992, and started to activities as a solo singer. She is active in not only music but also various genre like a personality of radio, movie, the drama and so on.

He made his debut with “TSUKI AKARI NI TERASARETE (In the moon light)”. The theme song of the movie “TSUKI TO KYABETSU (Moon and cabbage)” which was released on 1997, “One more time, One more chance” become a smash hit for a long time and he broken through. He has held national tour energetically and also has performed at events, and take part in a lot of sessions as a musician, and he has been supported in many fields, not only his music fan.

They made their debut with “TENSAI VAGABOND ( genius vagabond )” on 1998 as unit of OKAMOTO SADAYOSHI and SATO YOSUKE. They released two disc set album “Cassett Music ” which was recorded sound source of phantom cassette tape on April,2012 and they released the best albums 2month in low that “ Masterpiece - COIL masterpiece collection - ” on October, ”Second Best – COIL fine works ” on November. On April, 2014, SATO YOSUKE left COIL for illness treatment and has been active as a solo project of OKAMOTO SADAYOSHI. Also he has been active as unit “Nata de coco” with NISHI SHINJI at the same time.

She is a drummer who has took part in various artists’s recording sessions and lives included CORNELIUS, salyu, Ando Yuko, QURULI, Tomoyasu Hotei, Yoko Ono. She released three original albums and one best album as “MI-GU”.

Hajime Chitose
She was born in Amami island, Kagoshima prefecture. She made her debut with “WADATSUMI NO KI” by giving striking impression, then she has been shown her presence at various stages with her one and only voice, as a vocalist. She marks the 20 year of the releasing of Indies mini album “Hajime Chitose” in 2021, “Kotonoha” and will mark the 20 year of the shocking debut with “WADATSUMI NO KI” in 2022.

SUKIMA SWITH is unit which consists of two songwriters OHASHI TAKUYA and TOKITA SHINTARO. They made their debut with “view” in 2003. They have been made hits in succession like “KANADE”, “ZENRYOKU SHONEN”, “BOKU NO OTO” with OHASHI’s the unique voice which embraces one warmly, and outstanding sound create by TOKITA.

He made his major debut with a single “BOKURA NO KAGAYAKI (Our shining)” from R and C Ltd., on August 2nd, 2006. It was determined that will be released his 3rd album “LIVING PRAISE” on August 4th, 2021 and he will hold a concert of the release commemoration.

He was born in Miyazaki and grown up in Yokohama. He made his debut with a single “Synchro” on October,2006. Attracting attention to his voice is called “The voice are steel and glass” and lyrical his songwriting, on the other hand, he does various live activities. In 2014, the theme song of the movie “STAND BY ME DORAEMON”, “HIMAWARI NO YAKUSOKU (Promise of sunflower)” become a smash hit, since then he handles theme songs of movies, commercials, TV shows.

He is an attractive singer songwriter who has the voice one and only, and makes sounds with originality from his music background of SOUL, R&B, JAZZ, GOSPEL,ROCK subliming pops. He also provides his song to many artists like Kyoko Koizumi, Maya Sakamoto, SMAP, Sexy Zone, Da-iCE, DISH//, Asako Toki, Seiko Niizuma, Hiroko Yakushimaru, Akiko Wada.

In 2013, he belonged to Office Augusta triggered that he was selected to the opening act of YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI’s national tour. On January, 2019, he made the much awaited his major debut with Yohito Teraoka as a producer, who met through his live activities. In 2021, he handles radio personality on three programs. His height is 192cm. He loves curry so much that he eat 400 dishes in year.

In 1999, he organized “YAKOZEN” and started his musical activities into full swings. On April 5th, 2017, he released his album “PEACE OUT” and it took fifth place on the chart of Oricon weekly. And he finished national acoustic tour which was continued sold out at each area, he participated in ""KOHAKU UTAGASSEN (the annual contest between male and female popular singers)"" on New Year's Eve for the first time. He actives as a musician and also an actor.

He made his major debut on November, 2017. He was attracted attention because his 2nd EP was played on over 50 radio stations in heavy rotation in Japan. His overwhelming sense of melody, world of lyric such as a one scene of a movie and envelops all of them with his kinder and fleeting voice, grabs listener’s heart.

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