[Streaming+] Biome

[Streaming+] Biome

June 22, 2022 (Wed.) - June 28, 2022 (Tue.)

VOD of "Biome" with bonus video has been decided!
In addition to the main video, there will be a talk session between Scriptwriter Kumiko Ueda and Director Takashi Isshiki, as well as the rehearsal and backstage video, which help you to enjoy the show even more!

Kankuro Nakamura / Mari Hanafusa Yuta Furukawa / Yoshihiro Nozoe Sei Ando / Songha / Rei Asami

● Main video (about 155 minutes)
● Bonus video (about 55 minutes)
 [1] June 9th 13:00 performance after talk video
 [2] Talk session between Scriptwriter Kumiko Ueda and Director Takashi Isshiki
 [3] Rehearsal / backstage video

*[2] Same talk video as the live stream.
*[3] Same video that was delivered to audience in the venue.

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