[Streaming+] Tetsuya Kumakawa「Carmina Burana」2021 Special Recording Version

April 21, 2021 (Wed.) - April 27, 2021 (Tue.)

Is an artistic experience that surpasses live performances possible ---?
The answer lies here.

Totaling over 250 performers
Special appearance by Tetsuya Kumakawa
Limited online streaming of no-audience 4K special recording!

A shocking masterpiece, said to be impossible to reprise, has revived as an unprecedented video work!

Tetsuya Kumakawa has established a realm that has never been reached before, such as becoming a world-renowned dancer and continuing to present numerous original works at an unusual speed as a director and choreographer. One of Kumakawa's works that left the biggest impact with transcendent sensibilities is “Carmina Burana”, which premiered in 2019 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Bunkamura. Kumakawa bestowed a horror story that transcends the concept of “beautiful and graceful ballet” to the great musical composition everyone knows.

What we needed to make this happen was the cast of more than 250 performers, including K-BALLET COMPANY dancers, orchestra and choir members.
In a theater under the Corona pandemic-related restrictions, the idea was considered reckless. However, we decided to aim to give it a shape as a large-scale video work, taking advantage of the fact that it was completely no-audience. Kumakawa is famous for his supremacy of "excitement of live stage show”, and thus insisted on having "a shooting plan that will impress even the audience who have experienced live theater" as an absolute condition. He gave the green light for the first time, after a shooting environment beyond common sense was arranged by considering the camera angle to bring out the best of the work, using drones and cranes, and installing 4K cameras on the stage.

Composer Carl Orff composed “Carmina Burana” in 1936, during the period of Nazi Germany. The image Kumakawa got from this piece, which is frequently used in film and other works and continues to attract many people, was unconventional and full of surprises, twisting the political vividness around. The story starts with a shocking development that “Fortuna’s child was a devil”. Being named Adolf and entering the human world, he gives darkness to humans and manipulates evil deeds. And those who stand up to that fate are....

This work with the theme of misfortune that suddenly attacks the world is as if it was anticipating the unprecedented situation that would hit the world afterwards. When we, living in a pandemic, look at this work today, Adolf's appearance cannot help but makes us recall the disasters that surface in each era, changing forms.
Tetsuya Kumakawa will be making a special appearance this time, with a powerful and symbolic presence of what has been destroyed by evil and what brings about reconstruction. He has not performed on stage in about 2 years, but the intense aura emitted from the one chosen by art is highly stimulating even through the screen. Is this role, which has no name, a representative of us human beings, or is it a symbol of power beyond human knowledge – ?

"It is impossible for images to surpass the excitement of a live stage." Is this common knowledge true?

We would like you to find out the answer with your own eyes.

Adolf: Kaito Sekino
Sun: Yuya Takahashi
Venus: Mina Kobayashi
David: Shohei Horiuchi
Satan: Yusuke Osozawa
Swan: Saya Narita
Priest: Shoya Ishibashi

Special Appearance: Tetsuya Kumakawa


[Conductor] Katsuhiro Ida
[Soloists] Miki Imai (Soprano), Daichi Fujiki (Countertenor), Kei Yonashiro (Baritone)
[Chorus] The New National Theatre Chorus
[Children Chorus] NHK Tokyo Children Chorus
[Orchestral] Theater Orchestra Tokyo

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Tetsuya Kumakawa “Carmina Burana” 2021 Special Recording Version

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