Comic Market 101

Comic Market 101

December 30, 2022 (Fri.) - December 31, 2022 (Sat.)

Comic Market is the largest Doujinshi exhibition in Japan, with a history of nearly 50 years since it started in 1975. Usually held twice a year in summer and winter at the Tokyo International Exhibition Hall (Tokyo Big Sight), it will be held for the 101st time in the winter of 2022.
In 2019 at a three-day event, there were a total of 550,000 participants with 35,000 exhibiting circles and more than 20,000 cosplayers.

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Entrance to the event will be at the East Admission gate. Please use the Yurikamome Line Ariake Station (U12) or Rinkai Line Kokusai-Tenjijo Station (R03) and follow the routs shown at to arrive at the designated time slot. You can move to West/South areas once inside and stay until the end of the day.

* Information of participants may be disclosed in accordance with requests from government agencies and local authorities following COVID-19 regulations.
* You must wear a mask inside the venue. You will not be let in without a mask. If you cannot wear a mask for medical reason, prepare an alternative protection method and provide proof/explanation to staff and be prepared to be asked repeatedly once inside.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I want a different type of ticket (Early/Cosplay/PM Entry) not sold here
A: We are very sorry, but this system is only available for the tickets sold above due to difficulties in schedule and entrance management.

Q: I am cosplaying. Can I directly come in cosplay?
A: You cannot come or go in Cosplay, as this is not socially accepted in Japan, and must use the Changing Rooms. Only holders of Cosplay Entry Tickets can enter the Changing Room due to limited space.

Q: Me and my friends/family have tickets for different time slots. Can we enter together?
A: If it’s the same entrance gate, you can come together at the later time slot.

Q: I only want to photograph cosplayers. Do I still need a ticket?
A: All participants entering the venue will need a ticket

Q: What happens if I am late to my assigned time slot?
A: You can enter even after the assigned time slot.

Q: Do you have two-day passes?
A: No. You will have to buy a ticket for each day separately.

Q: Can I stay in the afternoon if I have an AM Entry ticket?
A: Yes. You can stay until the event closes. Please enjoy your time at Comic Market.

Q: Can I use my passport or Residence Card as ID?
A: Yes, you can. Please make sure that the name on your ticket matches your ID (frequent issue for Chinese names: Japanese pronunciation in Katakana/Kanji and pinyin in alphabet on ID. Requires extra time to get a Chinese-reading person to check you ID).

Q: Why there are different tickets for different areas if you can move between them inside?
A: Due to the limitation on number of people we can process and queue up, we have separate entrance gates.

Q: Can I enter in East and immediately move to West?
A: There is no general restriction on movement, but we might have to ask you to wait depending congestion, to ensure safety.

Q: I have lost my ticket. Can it be reissued?
A: Tickets cannot be reissued under any circumstances.

Q: I accidentally applied the ticket under my family’s name (parent, sibling etc.). Can I still enter?
A: You can enter if you can prove you are a family living together. We are required by law to take your name and contact info and will ask you to write it down.

Q: I forgot to bring my ticket. Can I still enter by showing proof of purchase?
A: You will not be able to enter without an actual ticket showing your QR code. Thank you for your understanding.