DRUM TAO 2024 Japan Tour

DRUM TAO 2024 Japan Tour "FUTURE"

July 2, 2024 (Tue.) - July 4, 2024 (Thu.)

Challenge to a new TAO worldview! The first chapter!

By creating documentary-like cinema images and the music and performances that express them, we are challenging the possibilities of "futuristic stage music" that feels like a collaboration between movies and live performances.
The 6-part series ''beginning, development, turn and conclusion'' all have a message and assemble the story.
Junko Koshino's new costume design' that corresponds to the role of each CAST member is also a must-see.
The shining stage space painted in black, white and silver will lead you to the further beauty of this visual world.
Please also look forward to the activities of the third generation of TAO newcomers, who are showing remarkable growth.

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