[Streaming+] New Kabuki “FINAL FANTASY X” presented by Kinoshita Group [Video Rental]

[Streaming+] New Kabuki “FINAL FANTASY X” presented by Kinoshita Group [Video Rental]

July 19, 2023 (Wed.) - November 11, 2023 (Sat.)

Cast:Onoe Kikunosuke (as Tidus),Nakamura Shidō(as Auron),Onoe Matsuya (as Seymour),Nakamura Baishi (as Lulu),Nakamura Mantarō (as Luzzu),Nakamura Yonekichi (as Yuna),Nakamura Hashinosuke (as Wakka),Kamimura Kichitarō(as Rikku),Nakamura Sinobu(as Yunalesca),Bandō Hikosaburō(as Kimahri),Nakamura Kinnosuke(as Braska), Bandō Yajurō(as Jecht), Nakamura Karoku(as Cid)

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