Francis Lai Orchestra Japan Tour 2023「Francis Lai Story」

Francis Lai Orchestra Japan Tour 2023「Francis Lai Story」

October 16, 2023 (Mon.) - October 22, 2023 (Sun.)

A number of famous songs that colored the famous films are revived...
A tribute concert to Francis Lai by his orchestra on the first visit to Japan
Film director Claude Lelouch will also be visiting Japan for the Tokyo show on the first day!

Francis Lai has worked as an accompanist not only in the world of movie music such as "A Man and a Woman" and "Love Story", but also for singers representing France such as Juliette Greco and Yves Montand, and especially as the accompanist for Edith Piaf. He was also known as a great lover of Japan, and loved Japanese art, culture, cuisine, and movies. He once visited Japan for a concert, but the flight back was so bumpy that he developed a phobia of flying and was never able to visit Japan again.

He passed away in 2018, and this is the first official Francis Lai Orchestra concert held in Japan as a memorial.

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