May 27, 2023 (Sat.) - May 28, 2023 (Sun.)

The 18th GREENROOM FESTIVAL'23, a music and art culture festival with a backbone of surf culture and beach culture, will be held.

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[About the venue]
* Please refrain from bringing food and beverages into the paid area.
* Pets are not allowed in the paid area.
* Tents, tarps, chairs, parasols, leisure sheets, and other items that may cause inconvenience to other visitors are not allowed in the paid area.
* Please be sure to dispose of garbage separately in the garbage bins inside the venue.
* Diving and moshing are extremely dangerous and are strictly prohibited. The organizer, venue, and artists will not be held responsible for any accidents, incidents, injuries that may occur as a result of diving, moshing, etc. The organizers will do their utmost to prevent such acts from occurring.
* Photographing or recording of the artists with camera phones or digital cameras (professional-grade filming equipment is not allowed) is not permitted in the venue.
* The venue is a public space crowded with many tourists and other visitors. Those who disturb other visitors inside or outside the venue or do not follow the instructions of the staff will be forced to leave the venue. No refunds will be made in such cases.
* The festival, the site and the artists are not responsible for accidents and thefts in and out of the festival site.
* Please be responsible for your own baggage.
* Please do not damage the grass or natural vegetation in the green areas outside the venue, sit outside the venue to drink, dance, or do any other activities that may be a nuisance to other patrons, or dive into the ocean, as it is extremely dangerous.
* Please do not park illegally or engage in any other behavior that may be a nuisance to neighboring facilities or residents.
* Smoking is not permitted in the venue. Please smoke in the designated smoking area.
* No overnight stays are allowed in the vicinity of the venue.

[About prevention of COVID-19]
* Please be sure to wear a mask when you come to the venue.
* Upon entering the venue, please take your temperature. 37.3 degrees or higher will not be allowed to enter
* We will disinfect your hands with alcohol at the time of admission.
* Personal information may be collected at the venue. In the event of a coronavirus outbreak, the personal information of ticket purchasers will be provided to local governments, public health centers, and other public institutions upon request for disclosure.

Other precautions and information on measures to prevent new coronavirus infection will be posted on the official website of GREENROOM FESTIVAL at a later date, so please be sure to check it before coming to the event.