HAVASI Pure Piano

December 21, 2019 (Sat.) - December 21, 2019 (Sat.)

A graduate of the world-renouwned Franz Liszt Academy of Music, with a deep knowledge of classical traditionm who is also seeking to make classical instruments relevant to the modern age in a deeply moving yet entertaining way.
Havasi is one of the rare contemporary composerswith the rock star-like charisma that can sell out huge stadium concerts.
He played to 46,000 people, filling the Budapest Arena 4 times over in a single weekend.
Recently his first concert in Austria was sold out in the largest stadium of the country, Wiener Stadthalle and he debuted in Germany at Berlin's Mercedes Benz Arena.
HAVASI Symphonic has been a Billboard #2 international concert, #1 album on iTunes, and an absolute #1 on Deeser.#1 Artist, #1 Album, #1 song.

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