[Streaming+] Musical “Fist of the North Star”

[Streaming+] Musical “Fist of the North Star”

December 28, 2021 (Tue.) - January 4, 2022 (Tue.)

Day Performance December 28, 2021 (Tue.) 13:00 JST (Yuria:Ayaka Hirahara, Toki:Kazuki Kato, Shin:Kandai Ueda, Rei:Rio Uehara, Juza:Kanata Irei, Raoh:Shuntaro Miyao, Rin:Hana Kondo)
Night Performance December 28, 2021 (Tue.) 18:00 JST (Yuria:May’n, Toki:Ryunosuke Onoda, Shin:Takuya Uehara, Rei:Kanata Irei, Juza:Rio Uehara, Raoh:Shouichi Fukui, Rin:Rena Yamasaki)

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