[Streaming+] ICHIKO AOBA

[Streaming+] ICHIKO AOBA "Windswept Adan" Concert

June 21, 2021 (Mon.) - June 27, 2021 (Sun.)

On June 21 (Mon.), Ichiko Aoba will hold her largest-ever concert at Bunkamura Orchard Hall. The concert will be a celebration of her latest work, "Windswept Adan" which was produced under the concept of "soundtrack for a fictional movie," and has continued to renew its high reputation in Japan and abroad since its release last December.

In this concert, titled "Windswept Adan" Concert, the colorful musical expression of the album will be recreated in a chamber music composition with many musicians who were involved in the recording. For Aoba, who has been performing solo narrative concerts up to now, this is a challenge to take a new step forward in terms of venue size and structure.

◉Message for the concert from Ichiko Aoba
Even with just 30 years of life, when I look back, there's a huddle of dazzling memories like a sky full of stars blinking like a noctiluca, and while jumping and dancing feverishly in those moments, "Windswept Adan" was born.

This June, at Orchard Hall. I will be holding a concert with the same members that recorded this album and created this music world with me.

Taro Umebayashi who co-wrote and arranged this album will be performing on stage as a performer, Toshihiko Kasai as the PA, and Kodai Kobayashi as the stage director. As you can see, I will be joined on stage with all the people that were the core of "Windswept Adan". Also, the team that created the "Porcelain" music video will be joining me for the set design and visual streaming.
I am so happy that each one of us can resonate like a cluster of stars, shining together in this day and age. We may be even-even pieces, but it won't be like this if any piece was missing. I hope you can join us to become one of the pieces and feel this with us.

From here on as well, I will never stop thinking about what can be done through music.

Ichiko Aoba

◉Names of the Performers
Ichiko Aoba
Taro Umebayashi
Yuko Kajitani
Asano Mekaru
Anzu Suhara
Orie Hirayama
Hiroaki Mizutani
Jun-ichiro Taku
Tomoyuki Asakawa
Manami Kakudo

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