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2019/9/7(Sat)~9/8(Sun) OPEN 11:00 / START 12:00

* No re-entry to the festival venue is allowed after entering.(GA TICKET ONLY)
* Children (those who are in elementary school or younger) must be accompanied by a guardian. One child per guardian is admitted free of charge. The second child onward must purchase a ticket for admission. Some areas of the venue are kept off limits to children who are in junior high school or younger, including the front part of the standing area since it can be very dangerous. Those children who are found in the restricted area will be asked to move to a different area. No baby strollers are allowed in the venue for any purposes other than transporting infants/toddlers.
* For those who wish to purchase alcoholic beverages, photo ID check will take place. After ID check, you will be given a wrist band to put on.
* Tickets and wristbands will NOT be reissued under any circumstances.
* Transfer or resale of tickets is strictly prohibited. In case admission as a result of such activity is discovered, we shall take appropriate measures.

- VIP Special Offer -
Re-entry is possible. / Exclusive entrance gate/ Exclusive chillax area/ Exclusive bar/ Exclusive restroom
* The exclusive chillax area (lawn) can only be used by a limited number of people, and you can chillax (chill + relax) while having fun at the festival.
* Please note that this ticket is NOT for close up to the main stage.

* 10% handling charge included in ticket(s) price.
* Once your order has been completed, we don't accept any changes and cancellations.
* Ticket(s) will be exchanged on the day of the event . At the time of exchanging the ticket(s) ,the person who purchase the ticket will be required to show a valid photo identification (e.g. passport) .
* The only person who made the reservation must be present to collect ticket(s) at the venue.
* Please make sure you have read the event details from official website in advance.