NODA・MAP 23rd performance 『Q』 :A Night At The Kabuki - November

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【English subtitles on tablets available at below dates】
 ・11/23 (Sat.) 19:00 ・11/27 (Wed.) 19:00 ・11/30 (Sat.) 19:00 ・12/4 (Wed.) 19:00


The reselling of NODAMAP ticket is strictly forbidden. Any ticket offered for resale including on all secondary ticket retail websites will result in the entire original booking being cancelled without prior notification, refund, compensation or liability. The original purchaser must attend the performance with ID. Any subsequent purchasers will all be refused admission - without exception.

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* Lobby opening is 45 minutes before the performance, and audience opening is 30 minutes before the performance.
* Children under pre-school age not allowed to enter.
* One ticket is required per person. (Sitting a child on your lap during appreciation is prohibited)
* Using tickets for commercial purposes and/or re-selling them is strictly prohibited.

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* Please make sure you have read the event details from official website in advance.
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