DAY2 [Streaming+] hololive 4th fes. Our Bright Parade Supported By Bushiroad

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hololive 4th fes. hololive stage DAY2
Aki Rosenthal / Shirakami Fubuki / Natsuiro Matsuri / Minato Aqua / Murasaki Shion / Nakiri Ayame / Ookami Mio / Nekomata Okayu / Inugami Korone / Hoshimachi Suisei / Usada Pekora / Houshou Marine / Amane Kanata / Tokoyami Towa / Yukihana Lamy / Momosuzu Nene / Shishiro Botan / Moona Hoshinova / Anya Melfissa / Pavolia Reine / Mori Calliope / Gawr Gura / IRyS / Ceres Fauna / Ouro Kronii / Hakos Baelz

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