【NIGHT SHOW】(2 People Ticket) MONSTER PALACE ‐A Midsummer Night’s Dream

*Please refrain from the resale the tickets to other website. We cannot guarantee admission for resale tickets.

*Payment Type*
We accept VISA, MasterCard and Alipay.

2018/3/31(Sat.) OPEN 18:45 / START 19:00
2 People Ticket

*[NIGHT SHOW] SHOW STAGE + TABLE FOODS + DRINKS (Champagne and Wine free-flow)+ Dom Pérignon free-flow
*Please be aware that seating will be assigned beforehand, and you will not be able to choose it by yourself. Due to seating limitation, you might have to share the table with other people.
*2 people ticket: 2 people can enter with one ticket.
*4 people reserved seat ticket: with one ticket 4 people can enter.
*Please match the number of people in the ticket with the people in your group.
*We will be offering dishes in order with the Scenes. Please be on time so you can enjoy all the courses.
*Please notice that refunding of the tickets is not possible in the case one of the members in your group is not able to come to the show .
*During the performance, there is a restricted period of time for changing seats.
*We limit the entrance for clients under 20 years old, due to the content of the show.

*2 People Ticket:¥2,000/per ticket・4 People Ticket :¥4,000/per ticket included in ticket(s) price.
* After your purchase is confirmed, we could not accept any changes and cancellations.
* Ticket(s) will be exchanged on the day of event . At the time of exchanging the ticket(s) ,the person who purchase the ticket will be required to show a valid photo identification (ex: passport) .
The only person who made the reservation must be present to collect ticket(s) at the venue.
* Please make sure you have read the event details from official website in advance.