*Please refrain from the resale the tickets to other website. We cannot guarantee admission for resale tickets.

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We accept VISA, MasterCard and Alipay.


2018/08/18 ~ 08/19

Acceptance period of this item was over.

2018/8/18(Sat.) Open 9:00am/Start 11:00am
2018/8/19(Sun.) Open 9:00am/Start 11:00am

*The line-ups for the 2 cities (TOKYO (Chiba) and OSAKA ) are not identical.
*There shall be no refunds for line-up changes, cancellations by artists, performance schedule alteration.
*The artist line-ups and performance schedule (dates, time-slots) are subject to change.
* Admission may be restricted at each stage due to over capacity.
*Preschool age children must be accompanied by at least by one adult, a parent or a guardian, and there are certain areas children cannot enter.
*The event will take place despite weather condition.
* In arena area in ZOZO stadium, there will be two separated blocks. You can choose L block or R block. In the other venue(except arena area of ZOZO stadium), you can enter regardless of the block. In case of 2 Day Ticket, L→R means that you can enter L block in the first day, and R block in the second day. R→L means the opposite of L→R.
However, in the arena area of ZOZO stadium, you cannot enter the other block. (eg. if you have L block for the first day, you cannot enter R block.)

* 10% charge included in ticket(s) price.
* After your purchase is confirmed, we could not accept any changes and cancellations.
* Ticket(s) will be exchanged on the day of event . At the time of exchanging the ticket(s) ,the person who purchase the ticket will be required to show a valid photo identification (ex: passport) .
The only person who made the reservation must be present to collect ticket(s) at the venue.
* Please make sure you have read the event details from official website in advance.