*Please refrain from the resale the tickets to other website. We cannot guarantee admission for resale tickets.

*Payment Type*
We accept VISA, MasterCard and Alipay.


2018/09/15 ~ 09/17

Acceptance period of this item was over.

2018/9/15(Sat.) OPEN 10:00 / START 11:00
2018/9/16(Sun.) OPEN 10:00 / START 11:00
2018/9/17(Mon.) OPEN 10:00 / START 11:00

Entrance is restricted to those above 20.
Please present ID with your photo (Note 1) when you enter.
If you don't present, you will not enter even if you have advance tickets.
(Note 1)※Copied and expired IDs not accepted
(Driving Licence/Passport/My number card(with your Photo)/Basic Resident Register Card(with your Photo/Physical Disability Certificate/Residence Card/Alien Registration Certificate/Special Permanent Resident Certificate)

● Once your order has been completed, we don't accept any cancellation, changes nor refund even if the artist's schedule changed.
● After exchanging wristband with your ticket, we don't reissue nor refund and once you exit from the venue, you cannot re-enter.
● Please note that they may be ristrictions on entery in each stage areas.
● This event will be held with the aim of a clean party that anyone can enjoy.
● We will not guarantee the travel expenses (including cancellation fee) accompanying the cancellation or postponement of this show at all.
● Any food, drinks and alcohol are not admitted to bring in any way.
● Any umbrellas, cooler boxes, chairs, parasols, mats, bottles, cans, explosives such as fireworks, other dangerous goods, the objects prohibited by law and animals (nursing care dogs) are prohibitted to bring into the venue at all.
● People who have dangerous goods, illegal drugs and illegal items cannot be admitted. We will report to the police immediately if we find them by inspection at the entrance.
● Please manage your baggage at your own risk.
● For this event, the organizers and the artists are not responsible for any accidents, theft, injury, loss, inside and outside the venue.
● All the customer information provided when making the reservation of the ticket belongs to the organizer.
● Waiting through the night around the venue are prohibited because it will cause troubles to neighboring residents and surrounding commercial facilities.
● Since there is no parking lot in the hall, please come by public transportation.
● On the day of the event, shooting with a movie camera and still camera will be entered. Please understand beforehand that materials taken on the day of the event will be used as publicity.
● The ticket assignment / resale for profit purpose is strictly prohibited by the agreement specified by the National Concert Tour Operator Association (Chapter 4 Article 15 <prohibition of resale>). Tickets purchased between individuals, through auction site, cash voucher shop etc are not guaranteed their effectiveness at all. We will refuse admission when the entrance by transfer / resale ticket is found at the venue. If it happens, we will take legal action.
Also on the day of the event, the troubles caused by assignment and resale must be resolved between the parties.
● In this event, we will refuse admission of those who are recognized as belonging to antisocial forces or group.
● People who act against good manners and customs, the fighting that hinders the event, the parties of the act of violence, and those who do not comply the instructions of the staff will be forced to leave the event.
Once forced out of the the event, never be admitted again during this event.
● In case of illegal admission,we will eject from the event forcibly, hand over the police and claim damages.
● We will refuse admission of those who do not meet the purpose of the event. If judged to fall under the above items, you will be forced to leave.
● For customers who fall under the above items and forced to leave or refuse entry, we will not refund ticket fees at all.
Please understand beforehand that it will be subject to the above items in the accompanying person of the ticket purchaser.

* 10% handling charge included in ticket(s) price.
* Once your order has been completed, we don't accept any changes and cancellations.
* Ticket(s) will be exchanged on the day of the event . At the time of exchanging the ticket(s) ,the person who purchase the ticket will be required to show a valid photo identification (e.g. passport) .
The only person who made the reservation must be present to collect ticket(s) at the venue.
* Please make sure you have read the event details from official website in advance.