*Please refrain from the resale the tickets to other website. We cannot guarantee admission for resale tickets.

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2019/05/25 ~ 05/25

Acceptance period of this item was over.

* Only one person will be valid per admission ticket.
* Children under 15 can enter for free. However all children under 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
* Re-entry is possible by presenting a wristband.
* If you lose your wristband, please leave it or repurchase it. Please handle with care enough. If you lose your wristband, please leave it or repurchase it. Please handle with care enough.
* Food and drink fee is required separately.
* Drinking below the age of 20 is strictly prohibited. You may be asked to present identification card with face photo as necessary.
* All in the venue are non-smoking. Since the important cultural houses are sensitive to fire, please use smoking area for cigarettes.

* We are not allowed to stay in the venue. Show will be finished at 24:00(12:00AM).
* In this event, videos and photos inside the venue including the audience seats may be released. Please understand beforehand.
* Rain or shine. (Excluding natural disasters and stormy weather)
* Please note that we will not refund tickets for cancellation or change of artists.
* Please read and confirm all the notice before coming.

* 10% handling charge included in ticket(s) price.
* Once your order has been completed, we don't accept any changes and cancellations.
* Wristband(s) will be exchanged on the day of the event . At the time of exchanging the wristband(s) ,the person who purchase the ticket will be required to show a valid photo identification (e.g. passport) .
The only person who made the reservation must be present to collect wristband(s) at the venue.
* Please make sure you have read the event details from official website in advance.