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Facilities in Mt. ROKKO
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Dates: 2019/9/13(Fri.)~2019/11/24(Sun.) 10:00~17:00

* No holidays during the exhibition period.
* Final admission time differs according to venue.
* Depending on the venue, some exhibits may be seen after 17:00.
* Please make sure event dates.

〈Facilities in Mt. ROKKO〉
ROKKO garden terrace, Rokko-Shidare Observatory, Mt. Rokko Country House, Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden, Rokko International Musical Box Museum, Rokko cable car, An observation tower, Rokkoarima aerial cableway, Church of the wind(including grand hotel Rokko sly villa), Monument(Mt. Rokko visitor center)
* For exhibition works "TENRAN CAFE" requests consumption on food and beverage at the cafe.

<Tourist Pass>
This pass allows you to travel through the five paid tourist attractions with discount price.
1. Rokko-Shidare Observatory
2. Mt. Rokko Country House
3. Rokko Alpine Botanical Garden
4. Rokko International Musical Box Museum
5. Chapel in Mt. Rokko
* Rokko Cable Car fare and Rokko Sanjo Bus fare are excluded.
* Adult: Junior high school students and above Child: 4 years old ~ elementary school students

* It's possible to enter every tourist attractions during the event (Re-entry is permitted on the same day). In addition, you can re-enter one of the tourist attractions that you prefer until 31st of March, 2020. Some tourist attractions may not be entered after the exhibition.

Transport Access to Mountain Rokko "Rokkosan Tourist Pass"
Bargain package for access to Kobe’s mountaintop resorts and Mt. Rokko

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