October 21, 2023 (Sat.) - October 22, 2023 (Sun.)

Enjoy live music while camping in the lush green Asagiri Plateau at the foot of Mt. Fuji, this is truly a blissful all-camp-in festival. "JAM" means a variety of genreless musicians gather and enjoy together.


For more information, please check on the Official Website

NOTES about the festival
* If the organizer determines that a change will interfere with the operation of the event, the organizer reserves the right to change the rules regardless of the timing or method of notification. Tickets will not be refunded in case of rule changes. Please understand this in advance.
* The festival will be held rain or shine (except in case of natural disasters). No refunds will be made in case of cancellation or change of performers. Please understand this in advance.
* The venue is located in a rich natural environment. Please be aware of natural risks such as falls, hypothermia caused by wind and rain, bees, gnats, ticks, and other harmful plants and wildlife.
* Please be sure to separate trash and dispose of it in the trash. Please be sure to take your sheets, chairs, tents, etc. home with you.
* Leaving chairs, sheets, etc. unattended at the venue is prohibited. If there are no users for an extended period of time, they will be deemed to be abandoned and may be disposed of even during the event period. Please do not occupy excessive space with sheets, etc.
* Please be careful not to become intoxicated due to excessive drinking. Please be aware that intoxicated persons may be asked to leave the venue forcibly.
* Mosh, dive, or any other behavior that may cause harm to other visitors is strictly prohibited. The organizer will not be involved in any cases where other visitors are injured or otherwise harmed by such acts. All such cases must be resolved by the parties concerned.
* The use of umbrellas is prohibited in the venue. In case of rain, please wear rainwear. Please come to the venue fully prepared for rain and temperature.
* If any unauthorized entry is found, regardless of the reason, the person will be handed over to the police and compensation will be demanded.
* Please refrain from any behavior that may cause inconvenience to residents in the neighborhood. Please do not come to the event by car unless you have a parking ticket.
* In accordance with the "Shizuoka Prefecture Ordinance on the Maintenance of a Good Environment for Young People," all persons under the age of 18 must return to their accommodations or tents by 23:00.
* Fireworks and other explosives, hazardous materials, and other items prohibited by law are not allowed in the venue.
* The organizer, venue, and performers will not be held responsible for any accidents, theft, etc. that occur inside or outside the venue.
* Those who do not follow the instructions of the venue staff inside or outside the venue, or who behave in a manner that disturbs other visitors will be forcibly removed from the venue. Please note that tickets will not be refunded in such cases.
* Cameras, video cameras, etc. may be brought into the venue, but filming of the artists is prohibited. No recording devices may be brought into the venue.
* The use of selfie sticks is prohibited in front of the stage, in crowded areas, and while moving around. Unauthorized use of drones and other unmanned aircraft is prohibited.
* When purchasing tickets, please read and agree to the precautions listed on the official website, etc., before proceeding. Please be sure to read all the precautions before purchasing tickets.
* All the information of the customer who applied for the ticket will belong to the organizer.

NOTES about tickets
* Please be sure to read the various precautions before purchasing tickets.
* Please note that changes or cancellations will not be accepted after you have applied for tickets.
* The Organizers do not permit the sale of tickets through any other ticket sales websites other than those listed on the official website. Please be sure to purchase tickets through an authorized ticket sales site.
* There is no guarantee that tickets purchased through non-authorized playguides will be valid, and the Secretariat will not be involved in any case that the purchaser encounters any trouble.
* Tickets will be exchanged for wristbands at the venue. You will not be allowed to enter the venue with the ticket.
* After the wristband is exchanged, the wristband will be your proof of purchase. Please do not remove the wristband until you leave the venue, as it will become invalid if it is removed.
* Tickets and wristbands will not be reissued under any circumstances. If you lose your ticket or wristband on the day of the performance, you will be asked to leave the venue or purchase a new one.
* Ticket Sales will end when all tickets are sold out.

◆No smoking in the venue
Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the venue.
 Please smoke in designated smoking areas.

Smoking areas
 ・Smoking areas
 ・Inside CAMP SITE A and B
 * In the camp site area, please smoke in your tent area and be sure to have a portable ashtray available.
 * Smoking while walking is prohibited even in smoking areas.

 * Please refrain from talking in the smoking area and do not stay there for long periods of time.
 * Smoking while walking around the smoking area is very dangerous and disturbs the surrounding area. Please do not smoke while walking.
 * Smokers must have a portable ashtray with them and take care not to disturb other guests.

◆Use of tarps, large parasols, etc.
 * The use of tarps, large parasols, or any other structures that require a lot of space or obstruct the view of others is prohibited. However, tents may be used for overnight stays.

 * Tarps, large parasols, etc. may be used, but please be considerate of those in the vicinity and try to use them in the smallest possible space.

◆Use of folding chairs, etc.
 * Folding chairs, etc. may only be used behind the seating area (behind the sound house and lighting tower).

Folding chairs and similar items
 * Baby strollers
 * Leisure sheets and other rugs (or other items that can be quickly put away)
 * Please use the smallest space possible and be sure to carry it with you when moving around.
 * Please refrain from using the space when it is crowded and put it away.

◆Participation with pets
 * Only pet owners who will responsibly manage their pets and observe the following precautions are allowed to participate with their pets.

 * Only kenneled pets are allowed to ride the shuttle buses to and from the parking lot. Please contact us in advance if you are bringing a pet that cannot use a kennel.

For inquiries and contact information, please contact
Hot Stuff Call Center
050-5211-6077 (weekdays from 12:00 to 18:00)

 * Please keep your pets on a leash and do not leave them unattended.
 * Owners are responsible for cleaning up their pets' excrement. Please take your waste home with you.
 * Some guests may have physiological difficulties accepting animals. Please do not carelessly bring them near people or bring them out in crowded places. In the event of harm to the animal, the owner will be held responsible for all damages.

◆Disposal of garbage
 * Please be sure to take bottles home with you.
 * Please take all other trash home with you as much as possible.
 * Please be sure to separate trash when disposing of it in the trash cans at the venue.
8 types of trash
 ・Burnable Garbage
 ・PET bottles
 ・Paper tableware
 ・Raw garbage
 ・Split wood
 ・Aluminum cans
 ・Steel cans
 * Local volunteers are working to achieve zero waste & recycling. We ask for your cooperation in protecting our beautiful nature.

◆Fire Precautions
 * The use of firearms is prohibited at CAMP Site A.
 * Open fires are prohibited in all areas. Please use fire pits or stoves for cooking.
 * Please do not use firearms inside tents as it is dangerous. Fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other serious accidents may result. Also, please be careful with fire sources.

For those with children or physical disabilities
For customers with children
 * Admission is free for elementary school students and younger, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
 * Nursing, diaper changing, etc. is available at the KIDS LAND and first-aid tent.
 * Strollers may be used only in the back of the auditorium.
 * KIDS LAND is available for visitors with children. However, we are not responsible for babysitting children.

Persons with physical disabilities
 * If you have a physical disability (physical disability certificate) and wish to participate in the event, please contact us in advance at the following approach.

For inquiries and contact information
Hot Stuff Call Center
050-5211-6077 (weekdays 12:00 - 18:00)