DRUM TAO 「萬華響 -MANGEKYO-」 2020

DRUM TAO 「萬華響 -MANGEKYO-」 2020

2020年4月1日 (周三) - 2020年6月30日 (周二)

[Cancellation of Mangekyo show due to prevention of spread of Coronavirus infection]
In accordance with the government's announcement regarding the spread of COVID-19, we has decided to extend the cancellation of shows from April 1th until June 29th. The decision regarding the shows from July will be thoroughly discussed in accordance with the situation. We would inform all our dear guests on MANGEKYO official website as soon as the situation is confirmed.

“萬華響 -MANGEKYO-”是一場集結了各界完美合作的獨一無二的新型娛樂項目。日本屈指可數的太鼓樂團「DRUM TAO」將爲你帶來視聽結合的精彩藝術呈現。
由在全球非常活躍的日本新媒體藝術團體TeamLab創造的如萬花筒般的璀璨空間,加上時裝設計師Junko Koshino精心設計的服裝,敬請期待這場只能在日本欣賞到的娛樂盛宴。