April 30, 2020 (Thu.) - May 10, 2020 (Sun.)

"BEASTARS" originated by Paru Itagaki, won many manga awards and has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion.
In addition, animation had broadcast on TV in 2019, and finally the stage is decided in the spring of 2020!

"BEASTARS", the world that is coexist in carnivores with herbivores.
"Legoshi" is the gray wolf with a quiet and kind-hearted personality.
"Louis", the red deer who leads a school and dream to become the next “Beaster”.
"Haru", outcast of the school and lonely dwarf rabbit.
The meeting with them moved Legoshi's heart.

Instinct or love… heart aching youth drama between Legoshi and a wide variety of animals!

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