[Streaming+] Daiwa House® PRESENTS Tetsuya Kumakawa K-BALLET COMPANY Spring 2021 「Don Quixote」

May 23, 2021 (Sun.) - May 29, 2021 (Sat.)

K-Ballet Company is a 22-year old ballet Company founded and established by Tetsuya Kumakawa, a world-renowned dancer who is a former principal dancer of The Royal Ballet.
This time, an online performance of "Don Quixote" will be live streamed worldwide to 19 countries and regions including Japan.
The performance was filmed with a 4K high-definition camera, using the video production techniques by TBS, who has filmed many ballet performances in the past. The beautiful and gorgeous costumes and sets, as well as the detailed movements and facial expressions of the dancers that cannot be seen in theaters, will offer many new discoveries even to those who are familiar with ballet.
K-Ballet Company's "Don Quixote" is said to be the definitive version of "Don Quixote," with Kumakawa's own stage design and costumes breathed new life into it, and full of priceless fun and explosive energy. It is one of K-Ballet's most popular works, and drives the audience into wild excitement every time it is performed.
The leading role will be performed by Masaya Yamamoto who is a rising principal dancer of K-Ballet Company, and Nozomi Iijima, a former principal of the Houston Ballet who has charmed the fashion world as a beauty ambassador for Chanel. There are high expectations for the splendid performance of both of them who can freely manipulate super techniques.
We hope that as many people as possible around the world will be able to enjoy Tetsuya Kumakawa's master piece of ballet in a "live" performance.

Program:Daiwa House PRESENTS Tetsuya Kumakawa K-Ballet Company Spring 2021「Don Quixote」
Time:2021/05/23(Sun.)13:00 JST~15:50 JST(There will be two 20-minute breaks during the performance)
Place:Living streaming from Bunkamura Orchard Hall,Shibuya,Tokyo
Kitri: Nozomi Iijima
Basil: Masaya Yamamoto  
Espada: Kei Sugino With other K-Ballet Company

Special Cosponsorship:Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd.  
Cosponsorship:SL Creations
Official Airline:ANA  Cooperation:Bunkamura  Production:K-BALLET/TBS

Conductor:Katsuhiro Ida 
Orchestra:Theater Orchestra Tokyo

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