October 12, 2019 (Sat.) - October 13, 2019 (Sun.)

Notice of cancellation of Asagiri JAM 2019
October 12th (Sat) and October 13th (Sun) 2019 Asagiri JAM 2019 is scheduled to be held in Asagiri Arena.
The event will be canceled in consideration of customer safety.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers who are looking forward to the performance. Thank you for your understanding.

Asagiri JAM Executive Committee
Smash Inc.
Hot Staff Promotion Co., Ltd.


Asagiri JAM 2019 will be held!
Enjoy a live performance while camping in the lush Asagiri Plateau at the foot of Mt. Fuji. A blissful all-camp-in-fest that wakes up with Mt. Fuji. "It ’s a beautiful day -Camp in Asagiri Jam" will be held!

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【 About Camping 】
* Setting up tents anywhere other than camping site is not permitted.
* Use tent setup space without disturbing your surroundings.
* There is an area for kitchen facilities in "CAMP SITE B".
* Refrain from using dishwashing liquid with surfactant.
* Open fire is prohibited. Use bonfire and camping stove instead while cooking. Also, watch out for fire.
* No rental of tents and other camping supplies.
* There is a blanket rental (1,000 yen) service at the information desk inside the venue. Please be aware that the number of blanket is limited.

< Manners >
● Use of Tarps and Parasols
It's prohibited to use those require a lot of space and shut out the view, such as tarps and parasols.
Tarps and parasols can be used without disturbing your surroundings.
● Use of Folding Chairs
Folding chairs can only be used behind the seats (behind the loudspeakers/ lighting towers).
Others equivalent to folding chairs
・Sheets and rugs (something can be removed immediately)
・Use the space without disturbing others and always carry your stuff while moving.
・Refrain from using them during peak hours and clean them up.
● Disposing of Garbage and Recyclable Materials
・Take your bottles home with you.
・Take your garbage home as much as possible.
・Be sure to separate the items while throwing them into the trash cans.
・Local volunteers are working towards zero waste and recycling.
We thank you for protecting the beautiful nature.
● Smoking
Non-smoking area
・No smoking in front of loudspeakers/ lighting towers at every stage
・Asagiri LAND
・No smoking at non-smoking areas.
・Smoking while walking is also prohibited.
Smokers should always have their portable ashtrays without disturbing others.

【ASAGIRI JAM Rules & Regulations】

* These rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.
Please note that ticket refunds will not be made for such rule changes regardless of how prior notification is made or lack thereof.
* The festival will not be cancelled due to inclement weather (excluding natural disasters).
Please note that ticket refunds will not be made due to changes or cancellations of artists.
* The festival is held at a natural outdoor venue. Please be sure to watch after yourself and guard against injury from falling, hypothermia from low temperatures, bites or stings from bugs such as bees, gnats, flees and or rashes or allergic reactions from plants and animals.
* Please be sure to sort all garbage into the appropriate bins. Please also take any leisure sheets, chairs, tents, etc., with you when departing the festival.
* Leaving chairs or sheeting, etc. unattended is prohibited in the festival. Unattended items will be deemed abandoned and removed and disposed of immediately. Be sure to carry all of your belongings at all times. Also, use of leisure sheets, etc., to occupy large areas is prohibited.
* Use of tents, parasols and other items which may block the view of other festival goers are not permitted within the festival.
* Please avoid excess drinking. Those deemed to be drinking excessively or out of control may be ejected from the festival site.
* Any dangerous behavior that may harm other people, such as moshing and diving, is prohibited.
The festival is not responsible for injuries and accidents due to such acts. Such incidents shall to be solved between the parties involved.
* Use of umbrellas is prohibited on the festival site. Please carry and use foul weather gear during inclement weather.
* Persons found to have entered the festival illegally will be reported to the police and will be put under the care of local police officials and charged for compensation.
* Please refrain from any behavior that can cause annoyance to local residents.
Please do not travel to the festival by car without prior purchase of a car park pass.
* Due to local regulations, people under 18 years of age must return to their accommodation by 11pm.
* Animals, glass bottles, cans, fireworks, explosives and any illegal substances are not allowed into the festival site.
* The festival, the site and the artists are not responsible for accidents and thefts in and out of the festival site.
* Those who cause any disturbances or do not follow instructions of staff will be ejected from the festival site. Tickets will not be refunded in this case.
* You may bring cameras and/or video cameras into the site but it is strictly prohibited to record the artists.
No sound recording equipment is allowed on the site. The use of selfie sticks are not permitted in congested areas, in front of the stages, and while moving between areas.
* Agreement to the festival rules and restrictions is needed to purchase tickets.
Please be sure to read and confirm all rules and regulations listed on the official website before purchasing tickets.
Please note that purchase of festival tickets shall be deemed as agreement to all rules and regulations of the festival.
* All personal information gathered when purchasing tickets will be held by the festival organizer.

【 About Tickets 】

* Be sure to read the notes before your purchase.
* Any changes and cancellations are not acceptable after application.
* Be sure to get tickets at ticket agencies listed on official website.
There is no guarantee of getting tickets from other ticket agencies. We are not responsible for any problems.
* Tickets will be exchanged for wristbands at the venue. You cannot enter the venue with the tickets.
* Your wristbands will be a proof of purchase. Never remove it until you leave the venue.
* Tickets and wristbands will not be reissued in any case. You will be asked to leave or re-purchase tickets if you lose them on that day.
* Ticket sales will finish once tickets are sold out.

【 About Bus 】
* Direct bus tour (with 2 day pass)
Organizer: Collaboration, inc.

< Schedule >
Shinjuku 07:00, 12th of Oct., 2019 (Sat.) ⇒ Asagiri Jam Venue 11:30
Asagiri Jam Venue 19:00, 13th of Oct., 2019 (Sun.) ⇒ Shinjuku 23:30
* There is no overnight tour bus (3 days).

* Meeting time is 20 minutes before departure.
Don't be late as all the buses will depart on time.
* If there are multiple buses leaving for the same destination at the same time, they will depart as soon as the seats are full. Your understanding is appreciated.
* As destination arrival time described in the itinerary/schedule is estimative, it may be greatly delayed due to traffic jams or natural disasters. If the bus is late arriving at Asagiri JAM venue/ destination and you will have to take a taxi or stay at an accommodation, we are afraid that there won't be any refund for this. Your understanding is appreciated.
* Please note that carts cannot be kept in bus trunk.
* No smoking on the bus. Besides, refrain from talking on mobile phones as it may disturb others. Thank you for your cooperation.
* Passengers may be assigned to jump seats. Your understanding is appreciated.

< About Childred's Fares >
* Children's fares are between 3 years age and 12 years age.
* Children of 2 years age or less can use the direct bus service free of charge in the company of an adult or guardian, but will not be allocated a seat.
If children of 2 years age or less need a seat, will be charged a children's fares.
* If you are a minor(20 under the age),requires the written consent of the guardian. Please print it out and sent it by fax or email.

< Restrictions on Carry-on Baggages >
● Hazmat
Please note that dangerous items cannot be brought or kept at bus trunk.
[ Forbidden items and substances by the law ]
Gunpowder (including fireworks over 100g), gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, alcohol, flammable liquids, explosive substances, corrosive substances, etc.
● Cutlery
Don't bring any cutlery and sharp objects onto the bus. We will help you keep them in the bus trunk.
● Pet
No pets on the bus or in the bus trunk.

< Bus Cancellation Fee >
Transportation fee(Bus ticket) Adult:JPY 11,800 Child:JPY 5,900
* Anyone who needs to cancel the tickets due to personal affairs once the contract was made, the cancellation fee for each is as follows.

* cancellation fee
21 days before that day → Free
20 days (10 days before one day trip) ~ 8 days before that day → 20%
7 days ~ 2 days before that day → 30%
The day before that day → 40%
That day → 50%
After departure without prior notice → 100%
* The admission ticket (2DAY'S TICKET) cannot be cancelled or refunded at all even if bus tickets are cancelled.