September 19, 2020 (Sat.) - September 19, 2021 (Sun.)


TOKYO September 18th (Sat), 19th (Sun), 2021
ZOZO Marine Stadium
OSAKA September 18th (Sat), 19th (Sun), 2021
Maishima Sonic Park (Maishima Sports Island)

Supersonic postponed last year is now rescheduled as 2-day festival on September 18th(sat) and 19th(sun) with anti-Covid measures keeping all attendees, artists and staff safe. We are aiming to host this Supersonic as the very first international music festival in Japan this year of 2021 with the artists from overseas.
Considering the on-going COVID circumstances, we have to scale it down to a 2-day festival and less # of artists. But we’ll keep working to bring those artists who cannot make it to this year’s Supersonice for other occasions.

Regarding Tickets, those who have the 1-day tickets from last year can still use them for the applicable dates. And for those who have the 3-day tickets from last year or those who cannot make it this year, refund information will be announced at a later date. Meanwhile, due to several changes in the site planning to accommodate the safety environemnt, we have to give up Platinum ticket features and for those who have the Platinum tickets from last year, please proceed the refund process. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Last year, we have received huge support and cheers from many fans through crowdfunding and Summer Sonic Benefit Streaming. To repay your kindness, all of our staff members are bracing ourselves for the festival preparation. Supersonic Festival sites are outdoor in both cities. To do this event, we will have to ask for your kind understanding and corporation on the new rules and restrictions. We cannot build a safe environment without a help from each of you. Let’s work together and win back our everyday life with music festivals.

Artist lineup will be announced soon. Please wait for the updates.

* SUPERSONIC 2020 postponement announcement

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The first large festival in early autumn “SUPER SONIC” is launched after the 2020 summer vacation.
Tokyo basically has 3 stages only in the outdoor area.
ZOZO Marine Stadium will be a main stage of the marine stage, Sonic Stage with a capacity of 10,000 people will be created around it, and a Beach Stage will be formed on the Makuhari beach, which allow within 10 minutes’ walk each.
In Osaka, the Maishima Ocean Stage as a main stage and Sonic Stage next to the main stage. However, there may be a massive stage depending on the artists in the future.
This time, Tokyo has 3 days and Osaka has 2 days. The lineup of HIP HOP / POP on Sep. 21 is limited to Tokyo.
Look forward to POST MALONE and other powerful lineups that dominate the world music scene.

* Notice of change in EASY LIFE’s performance date
The date of EASY LIFE’s performance has been changed from September 21 (Tokyo) to September 19 (Osaka) and September 20 (Tokyo).
Please note that no refund will be made as a result of this schedule change. Thank you.

- Preparations for Holding SUPERSONIC -

We are taking measures to prevent novel coronavirus infection and will hold the event with due consideration given to the safety of the attendees, artists, and the associated staff.
We are currently consulting with the venues to create guidelines for the event based on the Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control released by the government and other guidance from the relevant authorities.
For now, we would like to inform you of the following major guiding principles.

■ Limiting Capacity
We will reduce the capacity, adjust the venue layout to facilitate maintaining social distancing, and station guide staff.

■ Number of Stages
Tokyo will have 3 stages, while Osaka will have 2 stages; all outdoors.

■ Disease Control Measures
We will be checking temperatures when entering the venues, providing disinfectant and handwashing stations, and asking both staff and attendees to wear masks.
We will provide areas where it is possible to rest while maintaining distance from other attendees.

■ About Ticket Purchaser Information
The name and contact information you registered when entering the venue and purchasing your tickets may be provided to public agencies, such as public health centers, at the request of the government.
In addition, staff may ask to confirm your ID when entering the venue.
Before coming to the venues, we ask that you please download and register for the Novel Coronavirus Contact Tracing App.

■ Video Streaming
We plan to have a paid video stream for those who cannot attend the event.

We will inform you of the specifics of countermeasures and other detailed information on our official website and social media accounts as necessary with consideration to future developments.
We ask attendees for their understanding and cooperation regarding disease control measures and other special operations.

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