Justin Bieber Justice World Tour

November 9, 2022 (Wed.) - November 17, 2022 (Thu.)

2023.02.28 updated

Justin Bieber Show Cancellation Notice
We regret to announce that all remaining dates of Justin Bieber Justice World Tour, which was postponed on October 6, has been cancelled.
We sincerely apologize to those who have been looking forward to the show, and ask for your understanding in this matter.
For ticket refunds, please refer to the following information.

AEG Presents / AEGX

<Regarding Refund>
For customers who have ordered tickets from eplus English/Chinese site, following the cancellation of the event, all customers will be given a full refund (including the handling fee). Refunds will be made via the credit card or Alipay used to purchase the ticket.
* No action is required from the customer
* Refund may take up to be 90 days 
(Details may change depending on the credit card company)

■Refund Processing Date: After March 1st (Wed), 2023~

Official Website

COVID 19 Terms & Conditions

* In order to prevent the transmission of Covid-19, this event will take thorough measures in accordance with the novel coronavirus disease control guidelines for concerts established by the national government.
* Please be noted that when the show is decided to be held, cancellation / changes / refunds will not be accepted for any reason after orders are completed.

■About The Operation of This Show■
* All tickets will be sold as electronic tickets. Please follow the direction of staff and operate your smart phone when you enter the venue.
* Vaccine and testing packages may be applied depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.
* Those who do not follow the guideline, refusing to wear masks or keeping to raise voices, for example, will be asked to leave the venue.
* We disinfect surfaces of things which many people touch, such as handrails and door nobs.
* We make sure that the venue is ventilated regularly.
* We secure the enough spaces for social distancing between the stage and audience areas.
* When the audience is required to stand in a waiting line, we put signs to keep social distances.
* Depending on the situation on the show dates, there is a possibility that we open the entrance gates with a time difference or that we increase the number of the entrance gates so that visitors can enter the venue without close contacts with others.
* To prevent airborne transmission, we use acrylic plates or vinyl curtains when we need to communicate with visitors.
* Hand sanitizers will be placed at several locations inside the venue. All visitors are to disinfect their hands and fingers when they enter the venue.
* To appeal the audience to follow the measure against the transmission of Covid-19, information boards will be placed at several locations inside the venue, and our staff members will make rounds at regular intervals.
* On site smoking areas are not available.
* To those who are pregnant, expected to be pregnant, with underlying disease, with chronic condition, or have difficulty to act by one’s own; Please consider your health condition and people you concern as a top priority in making decisions about whether you should or should not attend this event.
* We do not receive any gifts, flowers, or letters. Please understand that if you send those items, those will be refused to receive.
* We check the body temperatures of all visitors before entering the venue with non-contact thermometers. If you have a fever over 37.5℃, you will be asked to stay in a waiting room and if your body temperature do not change, you will be asked to leave the venue.
* If staff members notice a risk of transmission, like the case in which many people are gathering in one place without distancing, staff members may ask you to cooperate to follow those measures or manners to prevent the transmission.

■Request for visitors■
* All visitors must download COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA) on your smartphone beforehand.
Google Play
App Store
* If you fit a description below, please refrain from attending the event.
▫︎ You had a close contact with somebody who has tested positive for Covid-19.
▫︎ Within 2 weeks before the show, you visited a country, or you had a close contact with somebody who had visited a country which the government requires quarantine after coming back to Japan.
▫︎ You have a fever over 37.5℃.
▫︎ You have any symptoms such as coughs, breathing troubles, malaise, a sore throat, snotters, a stuffy nose, taste / smell disorder, pains in eyes, bloodshot eyes, headache, joint ache, sore muscles, diarrhea, vomiting or nausea.
* All visitors must wear masks. Masks should be brought by visitors by themselves. You cannot enter the venue without wearing a mask. Only non-woven masks are applicable
* It is prohibited to bring alcoholic drinks to the venue, to drink alcoholic drinks in the venue or to enter the site under the influence of alcohol. *Please do not drink alcohol drinks before or after the entrance to the venue, since it can affect your body temperature. We ask you to leave the venue even if your fever is caused by alcohol.
* All visitors must sanitize their fingers and hands by using a sanitizer placed at the entrance.
* To prevent airborne transmission, conversations and cheers in loud voices is prohibited. Please also refrain from sitting seats except for the one you reserved by yourself, from making physical contact with other visitors, or from lending and borrowing things.
* In the auditorium and the lobby, please keep the “coughing manners” and refrain from talking.
* Please keep social distances and do not talk while eating and drinking to prevent airborne transmission.
* On the way to the venue or home, please refrain from gathering or having party with other visitors before or after the show.
* If you seem to be in bad physical condition, our staff member may talk to you and may ask you to leave the venue when we figured it necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

* At the entrance, we check all visitors’ body temperatures, hand sterilization, and masks (only non-woven masks are applicable). Checking at the entrance will take time, and we cannot delay the show start, even if there are still waiting lines of visitors. You may miss the opening of the show if the entrance is crowded. Please cooperate to arrive at the venue with time to spare.

■How to enter the venue■
1. body temperature check and disinfection of hands and fingers
* Those having a fever over 37.5℃ will be asked to have re-check of body temperature in a medical-check room. A nurse will determine whether you can enter the venue or not.
2. digital ticket check
You will be asked to hold the ticket QR code on your smartphone over a device placed at the venue entrance.

■Rules for staff members and performers■
* We check body temperatures and health conditions of all staff members and performers.
* If someone has a fever or physical deconditioning, that person will not be allowed to work or to perform for the show.
* All staff members wear masks at the venue to prevent airborne transmission.
* All staff members must use hand sanitizer frequently.
* Performers are also to be checked their body temperatures and health conditions. They wear masks except for the time they are on stage.
* In case something unexpected happens, we cooperate with health governance institutions and medical institutions near the venue to deal with it and to secure the health of staff members and performers.

*Please note that mandate and protocols, including Covid-19 vaccination requirements may vary and are subject to change. Please make sure to check the latest information before coming to the event.

We take those measures against the transmission of Covid-19 so that all visitors can enjoy the show without anxiety. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please Note
* Reserved Seat Only
* Children at the age of 5 and under are not allowed to enter the venue.
* View form some seats may be obstructed.
* Please note that some seats may require you to be seated during the show.
* All sales are final, and refunds are only allowed in limited circumstances
* Resale for commercial purposes is prohibited.
* Please contact the local vendors below for wheelchair accessibility.
* We have implemented virus prevention and disinfection measures.
* Photo / Film Policy: We allow non-professional photography at all our events.
* There is no coin-operated locker or cloak service in the venue. Please use public coin-operated lockers outside the venue when needed.
* We reserve the right to search bags, backpacks, purses and persons to ensure public safety.
* Please cooperate with the baggage checks, or you may not be allowed to enter the venue.
* Cans and bins are not allowed to bring inside the venue. If you do, you will be asked to discard them before the entry. Plastic bottles are allowed but it is prohibited to throw them into the stage or the audience areas.
* Other belongings which are thought to be dangerous or may disturb other customers are not allowed to bring into the venue.
* Animals or pets of any kind are prohibited with the exception of trained service animals and service animals in training for guests with disabilities.
* Troubles between visitors are to be solved by those who concerned, no matter it occurs inside or outside the venue.
* Those who are drunk or thought to be disturbing other visitors and not following the instruction of the staff will be asked to leave the venue. In such cases, we will not refund the tickets.
* We forbid audience to throw something into the stage, to run toward the stage, or to watch the show outside the seat you reserved. If you do not follow the instruction of the staff, you may be asked to leave the venue and the ticket will not be refunded.
* In case the show is canceled, please be noted that we do not compensate travel fee, accommodation fee, or any other costs you may have relating to the show cancelation.

This show is held with the cooperation of neighbors of the venue.
* We prohibit audience to jump inside or outside the venue.
* Please refrain from gathering in large number of group and shouting in loud voices, on-street parking and/or getting across the streets off the crosswalks, it may disturb the neighborhood.

【Mobile Ticketing & Entry Process】
* All tickets for this performance will be digital tickets, and you will need a smartphone compatible with the smartphone app "AnyPASS (https://anypass.jp/)" to receive the tickets. Please make sure that all participants have a smartphone that is equipped with a compatible OS and can use SMS authentication before applying.
* Please present one ticket per person to enter the venue. Please distribute tickets to your companions via the AnyPASS app. Companions will also need to use the AnyPASSS app to get tickets. Even if you show us a printout or a screenshot, you will not be able to enter.
* Once the digital ticket is ready to be issued, AnyPASS/eplus will send an email to the email address you registered at the time of purchase. Please download the app to your smart phone and receive the digital ticket as instructed. Tickets will be able to be issued about one month before each performance.
For customers who purchase from the E-plus inbound site, the method of receiving the ticket is different.
* In every ticket purchasing transaction, one ticket shall be assigned to the name and phone number of the ticket purchaser. This assigned ticket is non-transferrable. Any other tickets purchased in the same transaction can be transferred.
* Only if the companion is a minor and does not have a compatible smartphone, we will allow you to enter by checking your ID card, name, contact information, etc. on the day of the performance. Please note that it is necessary for you to arrive at the venue with the purchaser at the same time. If you do not show your ID or if you are not a minor, we have the right to refuse entry.
* AnyPASS is currently displayed in Japanese only, but we plan to provide a function to switch the language to English this summer.

【Against the illegal resale】
* It is prohibited to resell the purchased tickets to any third party for any reason.
* The act of selling the tickets on inappropriate prices near the venue on show days or selling them on the internet to unspecified people including putting them on the online auctions is considered as an unofficial resale, no matter the price or the reason.
* We will not accept the tickets bought not through the official ticket agents named on the official Japan show website. We do not refund the tickets in such cases.

【About Official Resale】
* We plan to offer an Official Resale Service for those who purchased the tickets except VIP Package.
* The Official Resale Service will allow those who can no longer go to the event to let go of their tickets and give the opportunity to those who want to go to the event.
* In case that you will be unable to go to the show, please use the Official Resale Service that will be announced at a later date.
* Please note that the Official Resale service is only available to customers who have a bank account at the financial institution listed here: https://www.zengin-net.jp/company/member/ and who have an account at one of its branches in Japan. More details about the Official Resale Service will be announced shortly.

<Tokyo> Sunrise Promotion 0570-00-3337(Mon-Fri 12-3 PM)
<Osaka> YUMEBANCHI (Osaka) 06-6341-3525(Mon-Fri 12-6 PM)
<Nagoya> Kyodo Tokai 052-972-7466 (Mon-Fri 12-6 PM / Sat 10 AM-1 PM * Out of Service on Sundays and Public Holidays)


Re-Sale Prohibited:
All package elements will be rendered invalid if resold.

No Refunds:
VIP packages and contents are non-transferable, no refunds or exchanges, all sales are final.

Packages Subject to Change:
All VIP package items and experiences (including any pre-show functions, times, locations and package inclusions) may vary from market to market and are subject to change at any time for any reason.

Purchaser Information:
You are responsible for ensuring that your contact information (email and mail address) provided at the time of purchase is correct and current and we are not responsible where incorrect information results in an undelivered product. Please let us know if there are any changes to phone numbers, addresses or email addresses so we can update our contact lists.

VIP Laminates:
VIP laminates are for commemorative purposes only. The VIP laminate does not gain or authorize access into the venue or any backstage areas.

VIP Package Components (e.g. Merchandise):
All VIP components are to be picked up at the venue, night of the show.

COVID-19 Guidelines:
There may be other requirements to ensure your safety and that of the Artist, their crew and the venue personnel. We must consider stipulations from Government, Health Authorities, Artists and venues in determining the COVID Safe measures for the event. These requirements may include, but not be limited to, proof of vaccination, QR code check-in, social distancing, mask-wearing and/or other measures. You will need to comply with these requirements in order to attend the events and will be kept up to date with developments in the lead-up to the show.

The artist, tour, promoter, ticketing company, venue or any other affiliated parties are not responsible for outdated or inaccurate information provided by the consumer at the time of purchase.