June 25, 2021 (Fri.) - June 25, 2021 (Fri.)

There is a presence that creates a vortex of passion and energy on dance floors throughout the world - that presence is the DJ. DJs control the dance floor. They bring people to their feet throughout the world with their song selections and mixing skills. Even their hand movements and body motion, or “operations,” are themselves art, and part of the power of their presence. "ART OF OPERATION" is a completely new form of live DJ streaming where Ken Ishii, who has kept people dancing the world over, serves as your Operator and Navigator to thoroughly break down the Operation of a DJ. This program, originally streamed for free on Friday, September 4, 2020, will now be brought to you as a regular paid program as part of the MUSIC/SLASH Original Programs series, conceived and produced by MUSIC/SLASH.
Ken Ishii will make regular guest appearances as your navigator to explore the true nature and hidden side of the enigmatic DJ.

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* Please note that this ticket is for stream event.
* Streaming service may not be available depending on your country, region, time zone, etc.
* Please note that cancellation or refund will NOT be made after your purchase, even if you cannot watch the stream smoothly due to your communication environment.
Make sure you can watch the test video with no problem BEFORE purchase.

* This ticket page is available for customers living in the following areas (time zones).
Canada / Toronto EDT(UTC-4), the United States of America / New York City EDT(UTC-4)
Canada / Vancouver PDT(UTC-7), the United States of America / San Francisco PDT(UTC-7)
Australia / Sydney AEST(UTC+10)
France / Paris CEST(UTC+2), Germany / Berlin CEST(UTC+2), Italy / Rome CEST(UTC+2), Poland / Warsaw CEST(UTC+2)
the United Kingdom / London BST(UTC+1)

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