2022.12.15 updated
Notice for ticket holders of the postponed shows

Tickets are valid as below:

■Tickets for ROADSHOW are valid for April 1st (Sat) 2023 ROADSHOW.
(Postoponed shows: March 20th (Fri) 2020 →January 11th (Mon) 2021 →April 9th (Sat) 2022)
*Note door/show time for the Roadshow have changed from DOORS 12:00pm / START 2:00pm to DOORS 9:00am / START 11:00am.

■Tickets for FESTIVAL are valid for April 2nd (Sun) 2023 FESTIVAL.
(Postoponed shows: March 21st (Sat) 2020 →January 10th (Sun) 2021 →April 10th (Sun) 2022)

■2day tickets are valid for both April 1st (Sat) 2023 ROADSHOW and April 2nd (Sun) 2023 FESTIVAL.

For more information, please check the official website.

Ofiicial Website