December 11, 2023 (Mon.) - December 13, 2023 (Wed.)

Guests are determined!

Osaka:SWARRRM / Nagoya:UNHOLY GRAVE / Tokyo:Thirsty

Napalm Death, one of the most important bands in the extreme metal and grindcore scene. They will be coming to Japan for the first time in seven years on a solo show!

None of the original members from 1981 remain, but in 1988, the second generation included Lee Dorrian (formerly of Cathedral), Bill Steer (currently of CARCASS), Mick Harris, and current members Shane Embury, was a gorgeous lineup. In 1989, the members visited Japan for the first time. After that, Barney Greenway (Vo), Mitch Harris (G), and Danny Herrera (Dr) were replaced with members other than Shane, although there was a time lag, and the band has continued to this day. Mitch Harris is currently on hiatus, but John Cooke (g) is participating as a support member.
In September 2020, the band released their 16th album "Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism" and in February 2022, a mini album "Resentment Always Simmers- a Final Throw Of Throes" was out.

Guests are now decided in each city! Osaka will be SWARRRM, who released their 7th album "Kogase" in August 2023, is a band that pushes into unexplored territory based on chaos & grind philosophy. Nagoya will be UNHOLY GRAVE, a grindcore band formed in 1993 in Nagoya, Japan, is known for their nonstop, intense live performances and a vast number of sound source releases. Vocalist Takaho organizes the event "Grind Freaks". While Tokyo will welcome Thirsty, a fastcore and east coast hardcore band whose motto is "drunk & have fun mosh" with beer as their power engine. Any band will excite the floor with a grind spirit that rivals NAPALM DEATH.

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