Nothing But The Funk featuring Yu Sakai

January 16, 2020 (Thu.) - January 16, 2020 (Thu.)

The Japanese and American funk band, Nothing But The Funk (NBTF) will put on a performance. The event that let to the drummer Takashi Numazawa formed the band was studying abroad in the U.S.A. There are seven members, including Numazawa who once formed “13 CATS” with Karl Perazzo (percussionist) who is now active as the leading member of Santana; Eddie M. (Saxophoneer) who was active in Prince & The Revolution and Sheila E. since 1984; Raymond McKinley (Bassist) and Nate Mercereau (Guitarist) are both in Sheila E. with the connection of Steve Baxter (Tromboner) who knows Al McKay AllStars; and Toshiyuki Mori is the Japanese Keyboardist who has connection with Shikao & the Family Sugar. In addition, Yu Sakai’s latest album “Yu Are Something” was released to celebrate his 10th anniversary will be invited as a special guest. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the unprecedented and mind-blowing funk performance on the stage.

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