December 2, 2021 (Thu.) - January 14, 2022 (Fri.)

1. OSAKA TRAD SHOW - Let's Enjoy Storytelling in English
Enjoy the traditional, Kamigata storytelling and Rakugo in easy-to-understand English. “Family Yose” is a program that both children and adults, and their families can enjoy together.

* Japanese may be included as necessary
* The performance will be announced on the day

Fukumaru Katsura (English Rakugo), Fukuryu Katsura (English Rakugo), Gyokusyusai Tamada (English Kodan)

2. OSAKA TRAD SHOW - Let's Enjoy Rakugo & Shamisen Performance in English
Feel free to enjoy Rakugo in English and Onna Douraku(Comic Monologue with Shamisen) performance in the hotel lounge. You will also see the art of shamisen and a beautiful Japanese dance with easy explanations.

* Japanese may be included as necessary
* The performance will be announced on the day

Eika Utsumi (Onna Douraku), Fukuryu Katsura (English Rakugo)

3. OSAKA TRAD SHOW - Let's Enjoy the Japanese “Beauty” Noh Show
[Ohtsuki Noh Theatre Guided tour]
A narrated guided tour of the Ohtsuki Noh Theater, the representation of Osaka. While observing the stage and the “Hall of Mirrors” from the audience seats, we will show you the splendor of the Noh theater, which was devised to perform Noh.

“Noh” is the oldest performing art that Japan boasts to the world. You can enjoy the dignified Noh stage, the expression of Noh masks, its beautiful costumes, and powerful musical accompaniment and chanting from various viewpoints.

Yuichi Ohtsuki (Shite Kata actor), Shinsuke Saito (Shite Kata actor), Kaoru Yamada (Shite Kata actor)

[Nogaku Hayashi (the orchestra of Noh) unit “Naniwanowoto”]
Tomonori Sadamitsu (Flute player), Soh Narita (Small-drum player), Toshiya Yamamoto (Big-drum player), Kazuha Nakata (Side-drum player)

Genjiro Okura (A living national treasure / Small-drum player), Yoshitomo Akamatsu (Shite Kata actor)

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