[Streaming+] Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ Replay Watchalong with the Talents!

[Streaming+] Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ Replay Watchalong with the Talents!

October 22, 2023 (Sun.) - October 29, 2023 (Sun.)

Those who have previously purchased virtual ticket of July 15 Yamato Phantasia event at Streaming+ will be able to watch this event for free from the original viewing URL. For details, please check the e-mail notification from eplus.

Shirakami Fubuki, Sakura Miko, Nakiri Ayame, Ookami Mio

Protolive #2 ~Yamato Phantasia~ Replay is a reshowing of the performance that took place in July this year,
It is a traditional Japan-inspired concert in a setting that envisions the world of Yamato, as seen in the hololive Alternative web manga: Yamato Phantasia.

In this replay broadcast, the talents who starred in the original show will enter the concert venue in Holoearth to enjoy the show along with the fans.

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What is Holoearth?
This is a project that aims to use a variety of media to bring the world of "Holoearth" to life in virtual space.
Official website: https://holoearth.com/en/

What is Yamato Phantasia?
Yamato Phantasia is a web manga serialized in hololive Alternative - a project that creates an alternative fantasy world explored by the talents of hololive.

In the land of Yamato, humans live alongside kami. In the mountains near the city of Miyako sits Shirakami Shrine, where a certain kami has taken up residence and named herself acting priestess...

Manga: Kousuke Kurose
Script: Kousuke Kurose & You Kururugi
Original Work: COVER Corporation
Click here to read: https://alt.hololive.tv/holonometria/en/manga/series/yamatophantasia/

Official Website

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