RIOT Festival 2024

RIOT Festival 2024

July 20, 2024 (Sat.) - July 20, 2024 (Sat.)

This summer, a festival for heavy metal fans will be held at CLUB CITTA' !

“RIOT Festival 2024” is a one-day live event where the heat of heavy metal explodes.

A riot awaits with a special set list presented by RIOT and RIOT respect guests!
Valentino Francavilla and Nozomu Wakai have teamed up to unveil their latest album, scheduled to be released this summer!
Minoru Niihara & Masayoshi Yamashita (LOUDNESS) will be the special guests!
The MC is Wada "Captain" Makoto!
This is sure to be a great time for all RIOT fans!

Valentino Francavilla with Nozomu Wakai
Special Guests: Minoru Niihara & Masayoshi Yamashita (LOUDNESS)
MC: Wada "Captain" Makoto

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