August 16, 2023 (Wed.) - August 27, 2023 (Sun.)

Returning to Japan for the first time in 13 years!
No words, excitement! The highlight! 100 minutes non-stop performance of "STOMP".
The show took off from the UK and has been running for 29 years off-Broadway in New York City. The show, which has attracted more than 15 million people in 53 countries around the world, will be landing in Shibuya, Tokyo in August.
Buckets, deck brushes, trash can lids, and plastic bags. The show creates explosively pleasing rhythms from everyday objects.
Percussion, dance, theater, and everyday "sounds" and "movements" are mixed together for a shocking, rhythmic, sensory performance!

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* This show will be held in accordance with the guidelines of the government, local government and related organizations.
* Please note that on the day of the performance, there may be recordings and interviews by the media.
* No intermission