“Style KYOtoRYU” 2nd Regular Concert

“Style KYOtoRYU” 2nd Regular Concert

June 29, 2024 (Sat.) - June 29, 2024 (Sat.)

A collaboration project by StyleKYOTO Orchestra and Kyoto Theater.
Anly, who fascinates the music world with her overwhelming presence, and the Style KYOTO Orchestra have formed the orchestral band "Style KyotoRyu".
This unique project orchestra of young classical musicians and an up-and-coming genre-less artist with rock roots will begin in the world-renowned KYOTO.
Anly duos and harmonizes with the instruments of a full orchestra to create an energetic, blending, non-genre alternative orchestral band.

[Style KYOtoRYU]
Anly(Vo) / Satoshi Yoneda (conductor) / Style KYOTO Orchestra (orchestra) / Tatsuo Nishie (concertmaster) / Hitomi Koto (arranger)

Songs to be performed
Suki ni shina yo / Onsanringata-Dress Code- / Moonlight / Mugenhoyo-Linne Drive- / Seisyun~StarWink~ / and more!

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