The Night Tempo Show - Neo Standard

October 11, 2023 (Wed.) - October 21, 2023 (Sat.)

Korean producer/DJ Night Tempo, who will release his second major original album "Neo Standard" this fall, is going on a nationwide tour!
He will perform not only Showa Groove, but also songs from his new album and performances from his new project FANCYLABO.
In addition to the two performances in Tokyo with guest appearances in Nagoya, there will also be live performances in Osaka and Izutsuya, a long-established department store in Kitakyushu that has been around since the Showa era!


10/11(Wed.) TOKYO : Kyoko Koizumi, Maki Nomiya, Yu Hayami, Anju Suzuki, BONNIE PINK, Hitomi Tohyama
10/12(Thu.) TOKYO : Maki Nomiya, Yu Hayami, Anju Suzuki, Marina Watanabe, Asako Toki
10/18(Wed.) AICHI : Yuna Ego(SKE48)

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