New Kabuki "Touken Ranbu" Kyoto Minamiza Costume Exhibition

April 13, 2024 (Sat.) - May 6, 2024 (Mon. /observed holiday)

【Welcome to Japan‘s oldest theatre!】
The Minamiza Theatre is a historical building with over 400 years of history.
In the Costume Exhibition...You can take pictures inside the theatre !
You can see costumes and props used in Kabuki.
You can walk freely on the stage and “Hana-michi (runway).

【What’s "Touken Ranbu“ ?】
“Touken Ranbu" is a very popular online game released in 2016 in Japan.
Players as “Saniwa” fight against enemies with famous "Touken Danshi“,”Tukumogami”of "Touken Ranbu."
Having gained many fans, "Touken Ranbu" has been the focus of animes, performances and plays.
In July 2023, "Touken Ranbu" was performed as a Kabuki play, which is a traditional Japanese performing arts in Tokyo.
And now, an exhibition of costumes for this “Touken Ranbu” is being held at the Minamiza Theatre ! You can see costumes and props used in the actual Kabuki performance!

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* Special offer will be distributed to all visitors.
* Mini-colored paper for admission privilege: One of a total of 7 kinds will be given at random at the time of admission. You cannot choose the design of the paper.
* English audio guides are not available.

[About merchandise sales]
* The merchandise sales will be limited to ticket holders of this event only.
* Please note that use of the merchandise sales area is only valid on the day of admission.
* Payment is once per ticket.
* All merchandises will be sold on a daily basis. Stock is limited, so please understand if the item is sold out.
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* Re-entry to the "exhibition hall" and "merchandise sales area" is not permitted.