TOKYO〜the city of music and love〜

May 14, 2024 (Tue.) - May 19, 2024 (Sun.)

Produced by Yu Shirota, this is a stage full of excitement and dreams! It will be performed in Tokyo and Singapore!

“TOKYO~the city of music and love~” is a project launched to showcase the charm of Tokyo to the world in the form of a show.
At Yu Shirota's own offer, a team of Japan's top creators who have followed their own unique path and are constantly evolving, as well as artists who are rich in personality and overflowing with talent gathered together.
A variety of music, including musical songs, Disney, and J-POP, will be featured to express Tokyo, which has embraced and developed with all cultures from around the world.
The audience will be enveloped in the world of TOKYO created by the heart-pounding singing voices, the movements of dancers from different genres, vivid images and costumes, and dynamic staging. Please join us on this unknown adventure full of music and love to discover a new challenge in entertainment. We invite you to a world of dreams and hopes.

Direction: Yu Shirota, Kahori Kanaya
Singer: Yu Shirota, SWEEP、RIOSKE (PeruPines), Kodai Yoshida, Rainy. , yuzu (FYURA PROJECT) 
Dancer: Kaoru Harada, Omura Shunsuke (SHUN), Nao Usui, BOXER, Tuki Takamura
Special Guest: miwa (May 14, 15,) Reina Washio (May 16, 17, 19,) Aya Shimazu (May 18, Day・Night)

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