Romance of the Three Kingdoms (WANG WEN / MONO / JAMBINAI)

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (WANG WEN / MONO / JAMBINAI)

July 3, 2024 (Wed.) - July 4, 2024 (Thu.)

WANG WEN, the instrumental band representing China, will perform in Japan for the first time in seven years!

WANG WEN, China’s leading instrumental band, is set to perform in Tokyo and Osaka this July for their first Japan tour in seven years! Currently, WANG WEN is on a world tour with JAMBINAI, a fellow instrumental band from Korea, and they will be touring Asia, including stops in Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Bangkok. In July, they will perform in Japan at Tokyo’s O-EAST on the 3rd and Osaka’s CLUB QUATTRO on the 4th. Additionally, MONO will be the special guest for these performances! The lineup will feature Japan’s MONO, Korea’s JAMBINAI, and China’s WANG WEN, and the Japan shows will be a special event titled “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” exclusive to these performances.

China’s WANG WEN, Korea’s JAMBINAI, and Japan’s MONO have deep connections. WANG WEN collaborated with MONO at the 2017 After Hours event and with JAMBINAI during the “Requiem For Hell” release tour in Seoul in 2017. Though it might be simplistic to categorize them all under post-rock, these two days of performances are sure to be exceptional in the scene! Don’t miss it!

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