Tachikawa Yokai Bonodori - Yagura Stage Area Ticket

Tachikawa Yokai Bonodori - Yagura Stage Area Ticket

October 12, 2024 (Sat.) - October 14, 2024 (Mon. /public holiday)

Dress up as yokai and dance bon dances = "Yokai Bon Dance"
Enjoy a unique bon dance for three days, including artist live performances, DJ performances, yokai contests, festival stalls, and more.

Ticket Price
[First Round Pre-sale] 3 Days Ticket:JPY 7,910 / 1 Day Ticket:JPY 2,825
[Second Round Pre-sale] 3 Days Ticket:JPY 9,605 / 1 Day Ticket:JPY 3,390
[General Sale] 3 Days Ticket:JPY 11,300 / 1 Day Ticket:JPY 3,955

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Dress code for the yagura stage area (choose one):

1. Become a yokai
Whether you fully transform into a yokai or just wear a mask, please become the "yokai" you envision. At the Yokai Food Village (merchandise corner, admission free), there will be face painting booths and yokai makeup booths. We recommend to come empty-handed and become a yokai at the Yokai Food Village. We will provide a "changing area (including cloakroom, fee required)" inside the venue.

2. Wear a yukata
Let's enhance the festival atmosphere with traditional Japanese attire such as yukata or jinbei!

3. Wear official "Tachikawa Yokai Bon Dance" merchandise
Wear official t-shirts, wrap a scarf around your neck, and let's dance the Bon Dance! (or bring your merchandise from last year!) *Please wear at least one item per person.

[Notes for Entry to the Yagura Stage Area]
* Photography and recording of artists are strictly prohibited. In the event of any photography, the equipment or film will be confiscated, and you will be asked to leave. Please be aware that we may also take legal action.
* The yagura stage area (hereinafter referred to as the area) is strictly non-smoking, including electronic cigarettes.
* Reserving space, using mats, or chairs within the area is prohibited.
* Bringing coolers is prohibited.
* Food and drinks are allowed.
* Wheelchairs are prohibited on the grass, so wheelchair users will need to watch the event from areas other than the grassy areas.
* Strollers are not allowed to be brought in. Please leave them at the cloakroom for a fee.
* Customers with large baggage are kindly requested to leave them at the cloakroom.
* Pets are not allowed inside the venue. (Allowed outside the venue area)
* Please return your garbage to the purchased kitchen car or dispose of it in the venue's trash bins.
* Customers accompanied by children, please make sure not to lose sight of them.
* There are no restroom facilities available within the area, so please use the facilities provided within the facility.
* If nuisance behavior is confirmed, even if you have a ticket, you will be immediately escorted out. There will be no refund in such cases.
* If any behavior contrary to the purpose of the event is confirmed, you will be immediately escorted out. There will be no refund in such cases.