Yozakura-noh - Japanese Traditional Mask Play

Yozakura-noh - Japanese Traditional Mask Play

April 1, 2020 (Wed.) - April 3, 2020 (Fri.)


The 28th “Yozakura-noh” which will be performed in Bonfire Light at the Yasukuni Shrine in April 2020 has become one of the seasonal events that many people look forward to every year.
The noh-stage at Yasukuni Shrine is the oldest noh-stage made of wood in Tokyo, and this is the only noh and kyogen performance to be played under beautiful “Yozakura” (cherry blossoms at night).
It is also a great opportunity to see the performances of the leading noh-actors who are living national treasures together with up-and-coming young noh-actors.

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